Critical Design on Powers of the Wild Web / Hamster Gallery

Hamster Gallery is a web gallery hosting critical design projects commenting on our current terms of service with powers of the web. It’s about data collection, integrity, technology, internet angst and, most importantly–power. Hamster Gallery asks questions about digital platforms today and who they are designed for. Is it for us, the users, or for someone else?
Hamster gallery is critical of the algorithm-driven internet for profit and envisions a future where internet and technology has a meaningful place within society. This might mean we’ll have to embrace some limitations. Additionally, we might have to take a look at the powers which are currently designing the internet, technology and our relationship with the two. How does graphic design play into that conversation? Could graphic design work as a tool for an anti-commercial or alternative creation of internet and technology?
It’s called Hamster Gallery as a reference to the internet’s early days, for which we remember the weird webpage Hamster Paj. Some projects showcased are fiction and others are from real designers. Hamster Gallery embraces design as commentary, design as problem setter instead of problem solver. It also offers tools for a better digital existence, such as VPN’s and alternative browsers, as well as some resources for further reading about the subjects presented. If you’re keen you could send in your own critical design project to Hamster Gallery and have it exhibited.
Hamster Gallery collects no data from its’ users and collaborates with no third party about information.