Rebranding of Beito Aktiv

In the age of digitalization, how can a company with a rich heritage utilize digital platforms to not only showcase its history but also stand out from the crowd? For my graduation project, I set myself the challenge to redesign a company with a long history to make them stand out in the digitalised market. Beito Aktiv is a small ski school and outdoor company located in Beitostølen, Norway. One of their unique selling points is their long history - they’ve been in the business since 1965. They were in need of a rebranding to showcase their heritage and represent their values. Additionally, there was a demand to reach the company's international guests and stand out in a market with big competitors. Drawing inspiration from Norwegian culture, analogue photographs and retro aesthetics from the 60’s, the rebranding aims to create a unique identity that resonates with international audiences as well as communicate authenticity, legitimacy and personality. The result of my project is a redesign of their logo and visual identity, with a main focus on the company's digital channels. This includes brand guidelines, Instagram and website. I focused on creating a simple, but flexible visual identity to make it easy for a smaller team to follow independently and adjust depending on the purpose.