Welcome to explore the world of silent books through my project: Tivoli. A story that spikes curiosity and conversation through a roller coaster filled with surprises. Where each page takes the reader to one new world with new things to discover!
My project is a silent book which is a versatile resource in literature, offering a unique experience for the reader by inviting interpretation and reflection on the images. This interactive process stimulates the imagination and sparks creative thought, making the reading experience both engaging and personal. Despite their merits, there is a lack of books in this category, and my project aims to address this gap.
One of the main advantages of silent books is their universal accessibility. They are not tied to a specific language or reading ability, making them more inclusive and accessible to a wider audience. In addition to language development, wordless books also promote visual reading and critical thinking. The reader must interpret and understand the images, which is an important skill in today's digital society.
Writing a silent book gave me the opportunity to explore different aspects of graphic design, such as layout, composition and color choices. It has given me a platform to experiment with visual elements and create a visual story that is both aesthetically pleasing and effective in communication.