Spirit Mountain - ett surrealistiskt puzzle adventure om resan till döden

In this hand-drawn puzzle adventure you follow the Wanderer on their last journey. Together with their trusty corvid companion, they face an array of challenges and helpful spirits while climbing the mountain to the land of the dead.
At sunrise on a winter day the Wanderer wakes up and finds Raven in a tree. Between Botany Bay and the border to Victoria in Australia the aboriginal tribes speak of an invisible tree at the entrance to the land of the dead. They also say that dead spirits have to go through an array of challenges, a multitude pertaining to fire**. Amongst the Ashanti people in western and central Africa there are stories of tricksters. One of them is a spider called Anansi.*** According to the Jiridja moeity of Australia there are many helpful spirits guiding the newly dead. One of them is sometimes called Duriduri. It is associated with a turtle that has a body swollen from overeating and a shell covered in cloud designs.** For the Dua moiety, Bralgu Island was the location of the Land of the Dead. The spirits of the dead pay the canoe man when they reach it. Among the Kimalaroi, the spirit goes to Maianba, the dark patch in the Magellanic clouds, the endless water or river.**
“At the rising and setting of the sun, the living and the dead exchange day and night. The setting of the sun signifies man’s death and its rising his rebirth, or the continuity of his life.”*
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