Breaking Down AI

Does AI bother you? Does it make you inexplicably angry? Ask your doctor today for Breaking down AI, the new zine by Hyperstitious publishing, designed to turn your fear of a complicated and vague issue into righteous fury towards a system built on exploitation.
It does this by Asking questions such as how does generative AI work? How will it impact my work? Are they using my data? Who keeps these models working correctly? And how does all the necessary technical infrastructure impact the environment?
If you get tired from just reading all these questions, don't worry! Breaking Down AI also features comprehensive steps you can take to keep your data secure. And if that is not enough you can always check the last page for organisations to follow and steps to achieve the allusive “Ethical AI”. Breaking down AI comes with illustrations in a whole 2 colors (not counting black).
So remember to ask your doctor for Breaking Down AI. in stores while supplies last.
Project payed and sponsored by Malmö city resident Love Sigurd.