HappyBite :) — App for eating disorders

My project was based on the problem area concerning current applications on the market related to food and nutrition, which can trigger individuals with eating disorders and therefore may not be suitable for everyone. I noticed a recurring pattern in calorie and weight-focused digital food diary applications and my aim is to achieve a more inclusive design that addresses emotional and user experience aspects. With my project I worked with graphic design elements such as branding, graphical user interface, and social media marketing through content creation.
The concept HappyBite was created to help individuals with eating disorders through a digital food diary app and accompanying social media campaign. The fictional sender is 1177 and UMO where our primary target group is teenagers and young adults with eating disorders in Sweden, who have not sought treatment for their condition. The secondary target audience would be others suffering from eating disorders who are aware of their needs, and seek to initiate self-help treatment. HappyBite is an app designed to raise awareness, offer a community for questions and advice, and to facilitate access to medical care. Mindful design choices were made based on research into user behaviours and triggers related to application functions. The app serves as a motivator to eat regular meals as depicted by a growing plant — eating regularly contributes to the plant’s growth!