Skattesnusk is a fictive campaign for the Swedish tax agency, combining business – with pleasure.
To claim that Sex sells is as complex and precarious as it sounds, and will have advertisers, scientists and commoners debate in infinite. However, what I claim in this campaign is that Sex shocks. And that, on the other hand, seems to be where all the above also find common ground.
Even though the citizen of the Information Age has seen, heard, seen again, and read it all, Sex still seem to be rather a touchy (pun: intended) subject. And by all means – understandably so, considering the long and somewhat ethically dubious history of Sex in Advertising. But what also could and should be understood, is the potentially successful and un-doubtfully entertaining effects Sex in Advertising can have – done just right.
This led me to take a chance on shock, and tread (very) carefully through the landscape of what makes Sex in advertising striking and compelling, rather than vulgar and inappropriate. To sum up my research in three words: context, context, context. That, and a large dose of double entendre.
So – when do you need a bit of a shock to convey your message? Could it be when your message is conveyed over and over, year after year, usually around the first weekday in May, but about 65 000 people still don’t get it? Bingo – let’s shock their pants off (pun: not intended).
The number above is the amount of taxpayers that didn’t hand in their Tax Return on time last year. Skattesnusk is all for them – maybe they will take care of their business, after being exposed to a bit of pleasure?