“Puss In Boots”

Design project “Puss in Boots” is centered around transforming discarded clothing items into unique pieces with sustainable and hot fashion highlighted. The project focuses on utilizing screen prints to embellish and revitalize garments that would typically be considered unsellable due to stains or defects and with this approach we challenge the conventional perception of textile waste. I aim to redefine these overlooked items within the context of sustainable fashion and create both a third life but also an added value to these garments.
Swedish second hand chain HUMANA Second Hand was chosen as a fictional sender and collaborator based on aesthetics, values and similar projects. The purpose of the project was to through graphic design as a method, contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry.
After experimenting with several classic graphic design techniques and concepts, I came up with the collection “Puss in Boots” a collection with screen print motives all connecting to the word “Puss”, a word with multiple meanings in connection to the English and Swedish language.
After researching screen printing methods I executed the collection on collected stained clothing items. To showcase the transformed garments I styled, photographed and directed a photoshoot to highlight the collection in its intended area of use. The results were then crafted into a campaign including designing store posters and a lookbook.
Model: Eliszabet Loniakan