Crafting a timeless identity in Swedish liquor through my design project with a rebrand of an existing liquor bottle called Malmö Akvavit. The bottle was founded in 2004 by a non-profit association called “Sällskapet Malmö Akvavit”. They created their own akvavit to honor the beverage production that once upon a time built the city of Malmö. The purpose of the society is to support and promote gastronomy and drinking culture in Skåne and Sweden. If you search for the bottle on Systembolaget you can see their current design, which unfortunately does not have the essence of a “Malmöit” therefore I chose to rebrand the Malmö Akvavit bottle because of their huge potential. Through this project, my task was to make a new improved version of their visual identity, to draw attention to Malmö's own spirits via a new design. The goal of this rebrand was to reach more customers, expand the local connection and strengthen the brand's value with the help of branding. The bottle is made and produced locally by a distillery in Skåne, and the spices used, for the main ingredient of akvavit, cumin is grown in the heart of Malmö in Slottsträdgården. The symbols on each bottle was designed from looking at Google Earth overview of the garden and seeing shapes and forms to use for each flavored bottle. The geometric font was chosen to honor the handmade signs I found pictures of when searching for the perfect Malmö-typeface and stumbled upon pictures from the huge trade fair in Malmö between 1919-2009 called Skånemässan. The colors both represent each flavour and symbol.