Perfect Pink

Today, we live in a society where young people feel pressure to achieve perfection. From an early age, we are influenced by characters like the famous doll that sets unrealistic ideals and expectations, particularly for women, a source of much criticism against the doll.
This photo book is created with an existing publisher as the sender. The photo book is titled “Perfect Pink,” and, as the title suggests, pink serves as a powerful signal color to represent the doll. In the context of the doll, this color has also come to symbolize perfection and happiness. By highlighting imperfect images of the doll in relation to actual people, the photo book critiques and questions the unrealistic ideals that the doll imposes on women and girls. The imperfect images also stand in contrast to the other photos we see on social media, which constantly try to project perfection.
The photo book begins with an introductory text discussing the unrealistic demands the doll creates. Following that, the images are organized according to various quotes from the movie made about the doll. The quotes provide a natural division and pause, reinforcing the purpose of criticizing the pressures placed on women.