Étape - Resemagasin

Étape is a travel magazine that explores how to work with materiality and tactility. The idea for my project stems from a curiosity about printed material and led me to ask myself; how can the incorporation of tactile elements and materials in the design of a travel magazine enhance the reader's experience and create a connection to the cultures and destinations being presented?
I have made both the design of the magazine, which includes typography, layout, and photography, as well as the printing of the magazine, which involved working with materials, printing, and binding. The result is a 70-page magazine called Étape:
Étape is a travel magazine for people who want to explore the world. Étape means "step" in French, and each issue delves into a country and "10 steps to your next trip." Discover local traditions, unique experiences, and sustainable travel practices. Get inspired for your next journey with photographs and practical advice.
This issue explores Nepal, I have been there myself and I have taken all the photographs in the magazine. My process in making this magazine included researching different materials and I chose a natural Lokta paper which is a sustainable paper with a unique texture, made in Nepal. It is used on the first page, visible through the cut-out squares on the cover. It is also used on a smaller insert with photos in the middle of the magazine. For binding I chose a typical method used in Nepal, which is to sew the pages in the book block together by hand. This type of binding is called kettle stitching.