Nättraby Kvartersbryggeri – Branding Through Neolocalism

This project consists of three beer labels produced for Nättraby Kvartersbryggeri, a microbrewery located in Karlskrona. The goal of the project is to further build the loyalty of customers and work towards becoming an established part of the local identity. In a saturated market of modern beer labels that have become stylistically diverse, I have decided to draw inspiration from traditional labels in order to differentiate from a large part of the craft beer market. I have explored if there is a way to create credibility in a product through label design and visual connection to the local community.
Influenced by medieval imagery of heraldry, line drawing with ink and blackletter typography I have created a local, contemporary heraldic brand for these beer labels. The motifs and product names are inspired by the city's rich heritage of naval history which dates back to the 17th century. The archipelago and the naval theme is a large part of the local identity thus perfect to implement in the project.
The end product consists of three labels for beer bottles and beer taps which are based on heraldic achievements and implemented with a duotone colour scheme. Further, I have created a heraldic achievement specifically for the brewery to use on things such as beer mats, beer glasses and t-shirts to create a longer lasting product.