Heartstrings: Ett projekt om albumdesign

The constant growth of digitalization has led to many physical artforms disappearing, one being the usage of CD and physical albums. Music is an important part of our culture and so is the art that visualizes the music through the cover, concept and potential components. My motivation behind this project was to keep this artform alive and show the importance of the cooperation between an artist and a graphic designer. My goal was to combine elements and concepts used in K-pop albums, an industry where physical albums are very popular and unique, with elements from albumdesign in the west to create a product that will increase the interest for physical albums among more people. Heartstrings is a fictional album with three versions: CD, vinyl and a special edition, that collects inspiration from K-pop albums with its strong concept and extra inclusions like posters and stickers. The familiar packaging is based on the western artists typical digipack and vinyl formats. The name comes from the expression ‘’to tug at someone's heartstring’’ and is meant to represent music's ability to emit strong emotions. Each song on the album is represented by a symbol that captures the essence and meaning of the song.