With the aim of reducing the global food waste, RESAVE was created. 
The global food waste accounts for 8-10% of total greenhouse gas emissions and it is said that ⅓ of all produced food is thrown away. The target goal 12.3 from the Sustainable Development Goals calls for cutting in half the amount of food waste at a retail and consumer level by 2030. Food waste occurs during the entire food chain but the largest part occurs in the households. Research on food waste behavior in households identified a target audience for the project: young people, who often lack skills in food management and thus contribute to increased food waste. 
The project resulted in branding and UX/UI design for RESAVE, an app which allows users to both search and save recipes based on ingredients they already have at home. This enables users to utilize food and leftovers already available and reduce their food waste. In addition to the app an advertising campaign was designed to promote the app. The campaign included advertisements in public spaces as well as in-store marketing materials, taking inspiration from nudging techniques to influence not throwing away overripe fruit.