Scense branding project

Scense revolves around the concept of emotions and experiences, where each fragrance is crafted to evoke specific feelings. The visual communication reflects the narrative behind each fragrance, inviting users to immerse themselves in a world of imagination.
This is a branding project for a fictional fragrance brand named Scense. For fragrance products the ingredients are often the focus, instead this brand focuses on creating visual storytelling that is related to an emotional experience the scent evokes.
The primary mission for Scense was to create a compelling visual identity that resonates with the target audience, communicate the essence of each scent and evoke a sense of curiosity and imagination. The aim was to establish a brand narrative that challenges the traditional boundaries of perfume branding while inviting users on a journey of exploration and imagination.
The project consists of packaging design for a perfume, an aromatic candle and incense sticks. It also consists of label design, visual identity, logo design, emblem design, creative direction, photography and a printed brand experience book to visually communicate the essence of Scense.