Gen. Hemslöjd

Hemslöjd and handicrafts have been an important part of Swedish culture for decades, creating spaces that value creativity, community and sustainability and with influential players such as the Swedish Handicraft Association: Hemslöjden. But more often than not, hemslöjd is associated with an older generation, something that might be detrimental to the organization’s future.
“Gen. Hemslöjd” is a branding project that seeks to include a new generation to hemslöjd by broadening the definition of what hemslöjd is. With gen. Z as a target audience, the concept of Gen. Hemslöjd strives to inspire the creation of a creative and communal space for young people, physical as well as digital. The project merges new and old, employing a punk-like attitude by using flash photography of young creatives, a neon color scheme and pictures of unconventional craft supplies and techniques, combined with a logotype that takes inspiration from cross stitch patterns. Colorful, loud and young, Gen. Hemslöjd is nothing like your grandmother's sewing club!
The project's end result includes promotional posters for workshops, merch such as stickers and pins, an instagram page, as well as a Gen. Hemslöjd-branded goodie bag of craft supplies that encourages members to put their own creative spin on a tote bag.