ETHOŚ, is a sustainable fragrance brand inspired by earthy elements, our passions and moments in life. Working with grounded scents that awaken our deepest desires with a purpose that is caring for tomorrow. This collection is rooted in the landscapes of the Nevada desert, where the sun's first rays reach the earth's surface to the mystics of the nights in the moonlight. The purpose of this project was to create a strong fictitious brand identity for a line of scented candles and packaging, by establishing a minimalist brand that conveys fragrance and emotion without relying on color as the primary tool. Rooted Echoes, the scent of early morning, carries the grounded warmth of dawn when the first light grazes the rocky terrain. Agua Roja, inspired by the warm, golden hues of the late afternoon, captures the essence of the desert bathed in the glow of the setting sun. Mystic Mirage, a fragrance that captures the allure of the night, is inspired by the desert as it comes alive under the moonlight. Each breath of ETHOŚ sustainable scents are a captivating symphony where soul meets earth in a celebration of untamed beauty.